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Project Management & Governance

Project Management

Project management and governance is fundamental to enable organizations to manage their resources toward business prosperity. The proper execution of governance allows ECS Team to provide our clients greater visibility and control of program activities.

Solution Framework GraphicOur governance approach begins with the ECS Team’s Solution Framework delivery model, providing a prescriptive but flexible set of best practices, techniques, samples and tools for our consultants to leverage for any deliverable on any engagement.

ECS Team’s project managers are adept at all aspects of governance and project delivery. Our seasoned project management and governance professionals are certified Project Management Institute Project Management Professionals (PMP) and Scrum Alliance Scrum Masters (CSM), having expertise in various software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies including Agile, iterative and more traditional waterfall approaches. These governance practitioners leverage the ECS Team Solution Framework best practices and are also engaged in the ongoing contribution to the enhancement of these best practices as the project management and governance discipline evolves.

Project Management & Governance Competencies

  • Project Management & Evaluation
  • Governance Design & Execution
  • Creating Project and Release Roadmaps
  • Creating Project Schedules, Resource Plans
  • Developing Communication Plans
  • Developing Risk Management Plans
  • Monitoring Project Execution

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Our project managers are adept at planning, monitoring and leading all aspects of project delivery using Agile, iterative and traditional waterfall approaches, depending on the client’s preferred methodology. Our project management and governance services include:

  • Project management and evaluation including developing, assessing and selecting a proper life cycle strategy and governance tools for the project, while considering performance, cost, time and scope constraints
  • Governance design and execution using ECS Team’s Solution Framework tailored to the enterprise’s objectives and SDLC
  • Creating project and release roadmaps, schedules, resource plans and financial management appropriate for the SDLC methodology to be used
  • Developing communications and risk management plans including risk identification, mitigation and monitoring
  • Monitoring project execution appropriate for the SDLC methodology used that provides regular project health and performance to stakeholders

Project Management Tools

Along with bringing vast expertise to each engagement, our project managers have access to various templates for each of the deliverables specified in our Solution Framework. Our goal is to ensure we’re not reinventing the wheel each time a business process definition or Java design is needed.

In addition to our vast templates library, we also establish a SharePoint governance site for each new project. Leveraging prebuilt project management and governance templates, the project team starts each new engagement with the needed repositories, libraries and dashboards to store deliverables and other project artifacts, and also track and manage project tasks synchronized with MS Project, risks, issues, action items, change control, defects, test cases and many others. This helps our project managers focus on managing the critical project activities to satisfy client expectations and project success criteria.