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Productivity & Collaboration


A successful productivity and collaboration strategy increases productivity, improves communication, automates business processes and captures institutional knowledge – all vital to the enterprise’s success. ECS Team provides experienced consultants who can assess your overall business productivity and collaboration needs. We provide a thorough strategy to break down informational silos and empower your people to access information, learn, share and collaborate. We take this through to the end by building and launching solutions that best fit your company’s objectives.

Whether internal productivity tools, external messaging platforms, document sharing or collaboration tools are needed, ECS Team helps organizations of all sizes with the strategy, tools and execution to implement a strategic productivity and collaboration platform.

We now expect technology that enables us to do our job and collaborate on demand – anytime, anywhere. Without an easy way to access information and share knowledge among teams, cumbersome communication, data loss and overall inefficiency will be the norm.

ECS Team continuously stays educated on innovative tools that can make your enterprise operate smoothly and efficiently. We have a thorough understanding and experience of technology platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Office 365, SharePoint, Yammer, Slack, HipChat, FlowDock and Jive, among many others.

Learn-More-ButtonProductivity & Collaboration Competencies

  • Workplace Technology Modernization
  • Strategy & Architecture
  • Process Improvement & Automation
  • User Experience & Interactive Design
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Application Development & Integration

How ECS Team Can Help

  • Initial assessment, strategy and architecture of enterprise content management, process automation, workplace productivity and collaboration needs
  • Tool and technology evaluation and selection
  • Development of integration solutions to connect productivity and collaboration applications with other enterprise services
  • Training to enable your staff to get the most value from the implemented tools
  • Application development, user experience and interactive design of implemented solutions to ensure consistency and adoption
  • Consulting on enterprise content management, automation, workplace productivity and
    collaboration best practices

Representative Samples

Below is a selected representative sample of our experience in this area. If you would like to hear more about our work, please contact ECS Team.

Government Entity Reduces Business Risk Through Process AutomationProcess Automation

ECS Team implemented a Business-Critical SharePoint solution to create a standardized, organization-wide system record management system, improve search and automate business processes. Prior to the project, Eagle River & Water Sanitation District’s Lab Department used manual data entry, hand-written forms and binders to document lab tests. ECS Team was selected to create a standardized, organization-wide record management system, improve search and automate current business processes.


ECS Team Automates Complex Closed Deal Process to Streamline WorkflowAutomate-Process-Streamline-Workflow-NCM

National CineMedia (NCM) is the number one weekend network in America and the largest cinema advertising network reaching moviegoers on-screen, on-site, online and on mobile devices. NCM contacted ECS Team for a solution that would allow their operational teams to streamline internal business processes, such as sales request for proposals (RFP), segment change requests, and credit authorization and cancellation requests. ECS Team automated complex NCM closed deal process to streamline operational steps of finalizing an order.