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Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

No longer are employees tethered to their desks in physical office locations. They find themselves needing to share, store, sync and secure data from nearly anywhere on any device at anytime. And even if your company already has a mobile strategy in place, it may not account for the growing complexities within workplace mobility. Organizations need strategies to preserve user experience across applications and devices, secure corporate data, support mobile employees and ensure a “mobile-first” business environment.

Enterprises aren’t only developing single mobile applications but now need families of integrated applications that customers, partners and employees find easy to use. They need to enable their employees and customers to use mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks. Enterprise mobility also ensures companies are ready for the next wave of connected services with the growth in BYOD, the Internet of Things and wearables. ECS Team provides the strategy and designs architectures of highly effective, consistently branded applications with top performing, secure and scalable backends to meet companies’ growing mobility needs.

Learn-More-ButtonHow ECS Team Can Help

ECS Team offers end-to-end consulting on enterprise mobility strategy and provides solutions to support your mobile journey. Our enterprise mobility services include:

  • Vendor and technology selection to accelerate development, simplify testing and improve security
  • Mobile-first strategy development
  • Designing framework, architectures and mobile backends that are scalable to leverage PaaS and deliver applications
  • Integrating mobile applications with existing or new enterprise services and data
  • Securing enterprise data among families of integrated applications
  • API management approaches to support mobile application suites
  • Developing enterprise mobile applications for consumer-grade ease of use

Enterprise Mobility Competencies

  • Mobile Strategy Creation
  • Mobile Application Usage Discovery
  • Mobile Application Continuous Deployment
  • Public Cloud to On-Premises Integration
  • Enterprise Mobile Architecture Creation
  • Mobile-Backend-As-a-Service (MBaaS) Selection
  • Application Development
  • Mobile App to Enterprise Integration