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Enterprise Architecture

Digital Media conceptIn the world of information technology, there are many definitions for the role of an architect. There are information architects, solution architects, integration architects, application architects and enterprise architects just to name a few.

The enterprise architect plays a critical role in the business. In order to perform at a high level, an enterprise architect must become an expert in your business domain, speak the lingo unique to your world and develop a deep understanding of the business challenges you face.

An excellent grasp of your business is just the beginning. At ECS Team, our enterprise architects have to be both broad and deep in their knowledge of the technologies most relevant to your industry and IT overall. Their mission is to help you succeed by bringing the right combination of emerging technology-inspired innovation and battle-hardened, enterprise-grade maturity. This rare combination is needed to avoid the pitfalls of either being too far out on the edge or too entrenched in the approaches of the last decade.

Learn-More-ButtonAnatomy of a Strategic Technology Assessment

Pressure from traditional competitors and disruptive new market entrants drive the need for businesses to change faster than ever before. Today, there are five emerging technologies coming to maturity at roughly the same time. Innovative combinations of social computing, enterprise mobile computing, analytics, cloud computing and the internet of things (SMACT) technologies are delivering real business value for those companies well positioned to take advantage of them. IDC refers to this shift as the “3rd Platform” for innovation and growth.

Enterprise architecture is a conceptual blueprint of a company’s applications and technology infrastructure that guides all of the enterprise’s information technology efforts to support the organization’s mission and business drivers. It provides the framework for the strategies and tools that need to work cohesively for the company to manage business and technology transformation. One of the best ways to let our enterprise architects begin adding value is to have them conduct a SMACTalk Assessment.

We can rapidly deliver a Strategic Technology Assessment for your company that:

  • A complete understanding of your company’s business priorities, challenges and opportunities
  • Strategic, advisory and implementation services for emerging technologies, including SMACT and others, as potential solutions to the enterprise’s challenges
  • Development of an actionable plan consisting of a combination of proof-of-value and solution delivery projects to rapidly provide measurable progress


Below is a selected representative sample of our experience in this area. If you would like to hear more about our custom software development work, please contact ECS Team.

ECS Team Modernizes Business Application with Custom SolutionModernize Business Application

ECS Team partnered with IQNavigator to help modernize a business application with a custom solution. This solution included a new infrastructure architecture, microservices-based application design, a road map for refactoring the application in-place and improvements to their current software process. ECS Team managed the technical portion of the project, including tool selections, design, implementations, planning, reporting, documentation and technical direction.